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well, not much to write about today. I started this new pill popping diet that seems to be going well. No it's not ephedra, although that would work a hell of a lot faster. Michelle, Britt and I are supposed to go running. Yeah, that'll be funny. Stopping every two seconds to catch our breath and yelling at eachother about slowing down. Oh, it'll be fun... *sarcasm overload*. Anyways, Lily I wish you were coming with us. Fuck IHOP!! I know, it pays the bills, stupid me. Anyways, I must go so I can run and watch tv til the girls call. No wonder I beat the boys away with a baseball bat, I am just too fucking exciting!! Night, Night lj buddies. I love you!! xoxox posi hugs and kisses :-) hehehehe!!
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