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my day and my thoughts

1.) I slept in til' passions started. hell yes that show rocks.
2.) went over to Nolan's house.
3.) went out to Native with Meeshka.
4.) went for a three mile walk and almost got killed by a nasty ass spider. Great, there's tonights nightmare.
5.) submitted a resume to USAA, come on Jamie show me the money baby!
5.) sitting here at my computer like a lame ass, slept too much today.....imagine that!!
6.) I really want someone to cuddle with me.... boo hoo!! So sad and so lonely.
7.) thinking about how much living in a retire community sucks, yes folks I live in a retirement's fucking hopping until 6 pm.
8.) I really miss Lily! I wish she would call me...hint hint
9.) I would love to get a new car. One that doesn't explode or squeak.
10.) I want big boobs and a tiny waste, with a lil' bit a money and a lot of hard work it could happen.
11.) heard the new WED cd, and it was amazing
12.) ummmm.....I think that's about it. Good night!!
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