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anything with more than four legs should die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I actually called into work today so I could periodically
drift off to sleep. Who's pathetic?? Sleep is honestly my favorite thing to do. I know a lot of you can agree, so don't hate. Anyways, tonight I am going out to dinner with Nolan, Sha-Sha, Felina and Michelle to discuss the bands and fans softball tourney. It's gonna be so much fun this year!! Anyways, keep your fingers crossed that I get this job at USAA. I would be rollin in skrilla and would be so financially set!!!
P.S last night after I kidded about having nightmares from the spider, it really fucking happened. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That's why I am so damn tired today, running from creepy ass spiders can wear you the fuck out.
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