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could you look me in the eyes?

Hmmm.....nothing exciting has really changed since the last time I wrote. Well, this girl from my highschool that I used to be friends with is on All my Children, that's pretty cool. Her characters name is Babe, go figure. What else do you name a girl who is super beautiful and has it all. Fucking bitch! Ummmm, this weekend was interesting, and by interesting I mean hella great, just in a weird way. Ummm, I am still a lot stressed out about the lack there of of something I need to come (yeah, that make any sense??). Ummm....Danny looks hot in Melissa's thong and pj pants...tee hee. Anyways I am at my mom's house right now chillin and kinda bored. My mind is going a mile a minute right now. Nothing is really making much sense now, so I am going to live everday to the fullest. I love Eily and Ben to death and this is my last thought I wish to share. Alrighty then!
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