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long time no write

well, i guess the reason i haven't written i a while is cuz nothing really exciting has been going on. I had a good weekend though. I saw Ferris Bueller with my girls last night. That movie never get old! Michelle has baby spiders living in her eye, work has been going alright, Brittany is real sick, my car seems to be doing okay, my blond roots are starting to show I think I might just let my hair grow out, boys and the lack there of and well that is about it. I saw cold creek manor this weekend with my folks. Stephen Dorff is so fucking hot! It was a pretty good movie. Ummm, that's really about it. I've lost a couple pounds, I know because my pants are loosing up. Thank god I think my ghetto booty is shrinking!! Well, I guess that's it. Good night!
p.s any one heard the new saves the day??? I wanna hear some feed back.
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